About Kuulchat

Kuulchat helps students to learn online and connect with other students

Getting Started

Kuulchat is the best way to learn online and connect with other students

Kuulchat is the best way for teachers to teach online. Teachers create classroom and invite members to join the class. Students rate teachers and most popular teachers are awarded prizes.

Take Kuulchat with you

Kuulchat is available also on mobile devices.Our Video Conference enables members to video call both teachers and other members of the site!


Kuulchat was founded in 2014, when a passionate Ghanaian programmer decided to build a company (Kuulchat Media) that would shift the center of computing from the PC to the smart phone.

Youfabi, a social network founded in 2011 joined forces with KuulChat to provide a better services to the members.

Today, Kuulchat has become the best way to connect with students from various campuses, as well as an educational platform for both teachers and students.

Students don't only connect but also sell stuffs such as used textbooks, handouts or notes prepared by students during lectures etc to their school mates on campus.

As of 2015, Kuulchat added the feature where companies,signed up by KuulChat Media upload job vacancies,attachment placement and thesis topics to interested members of the site.

KuulChat Media, Software and Web application development company is working hard to bring students across the globe together to share ideas or learn and at the same time have fun.


Godwin Ashong
Tertiary Institutions, Finland
+358 44 970 4731
Patrick Amartey
University of Cape Coast
Environmental Science
+233 26 677 6455
Patrick Lomotey
University of Cape Coast
+233 54 474 2314
Huda Sangari
Sociology and Social Work
+233 23 388 6204
Tokpo Lilian Adzo
UDS - Navrongo
Applied physics
+233 54 830 8699
Richard Adarkwah
UDS - Navrongo
Applied physics
+233 54 701 9934